How online network has changed the Anxiety disorder experience

The Internet has always changed the way information is received and sent. It has even paved the way for us to access new and unknown information for our benefit. Certain information can now be accessed even with a swipe or by pressing a button, which opens up new dimensions of limitless information. It does not matter what you have in mind, the Internet has information for everything out there. But the advent of the Internet and the ease of access to information have its own set of boon and curse. Not all the online content out there can be trusted and some might be unreliable that it could even be misleading. Most of the people like me who have seen the world before the Internet and after the Internet have nearly lived two lives. From calling people or visiting people for chores to checking for appointments online, the Internet has transformed the way of life for many out there who have been in both the eras.

Pre-Internet: Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety disorder was in the shadows for a long time. Any mental illness was considered to be a trivial thing in those days and people did not even take it seriously. Anxiety, in particular, was misunderstood and feared by many people out there. The families of people affected by anxiety thought their kin has gone crazy. Unless and until someone experiences anxiety personally, it was hard to figure out what it was. But with time, people have started to come in terms with the anxiety disorder. There is absolute awareness as to what anxiety is and how it becomes a disorder with time. Not everyone knew still that anxiety is a natural response to stress and that only with time it becomes a disorder categorized into various groups.

When the Internet stormed the arena, scientists began to research on the causes of anxiety disorder and several astonishing revelations were made. Medications for anxiety were even developed to calm down the nerves and brain, leading to a path-breaking discovery. The good thing wit the awareness is that people began to look at mental illness like anxiety without judgment. The stigma and fear that surrounded these issues began to disappear and people started understanding the ones affected by an anxiety disorder. The society started becoming progressive and decided to be inclusive of such people.

Post-Internet: Anxiety disorder

As the Internet has advanced our lives for better, there have been various shifts and transformations with the way Anxiety is dealt with. Facebook has become a great tool for people to spread awareness on such issues and various petitions, rallies have reduced the fear and stigma around anxiety disorder. It encouraged people suffering from anxiety to come out to the public and declare about their mental issues and they even asked others to take it seriously like every other disorder and not neglect anyone suffering from such condition.

On Facebook, nearly thousands of people in various groups share important information on anxiety disorder even in real-time. They share their personal experiences and stories that normalize the situation and even help people understand the disorder better. Most of the peoples have explored about Ativan, which is one of the best effective medication for anxiety disorder. And nowadays, it is quite easy to buy Ativan online. We can now learn about anxiety disorders through scientific journals, reliable resources, and HD videos. So, people with anxiety disorder need not feel left out anymore as there are a lot of people suffering from the same situation. There is no need for the use of placards and other materials today as all the information on anxiety disorder is just a click away.