You can order Ativan even without a prescription. But to do that, you will have to fill in the details in a medical questionnaire and then proceed with the payment for the medication.

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If you have really decided to buy Ativan from online sources, then it is important to understand the drug purchase and delivery process for the same. In the first place, you will be provided with a medical questionnaire that needs to be filled out in the best interests of the user. This step is to ensure that the medication Ativan could be effective for your medical condition.

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The questionnaire would pose queries with respect to the illness and the medications that you have been taken all the while. Apart from these details, the list might also seek information about your height, weight, and age. If you already have a prescription in place, then you can attach the same with the questionnaire. This information is very necessary as it might help the doctors to analyze and assess why your condition might require Ativan medication. The risk of side effects with Ativan without prescription is also assessed as part of the medical therapy process.

Once the questionnaire is filled, it redirects you to the checkout page where your personal information is filled. The phone number is presented so that we can contact you in some way or the other. But most times, we call only when there is some incomplete or wrong information on the questionnaire. Make sure to get some advice from the pharmacists out there with respect to the dosage so that Ativan can be used efficiently for the treatment process. In fact, the consultation is totally free and available all through the day in these ways: Live Chat, Email, and Telephone. Ativan delivery can be processed and carried out in any places where the postal network is available.

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The delivery process and the cost for the same might differ based on several factors.

  • If you choose the Express delivery option, then it might cost you 48$ and the delivery will come through to your home in 2 to 3 days.
  • If you choose the regular mail delivery, then you will have to pay 25$ and the product might reach your home in a week.

You will have to mention the address and other details for delivery during the checkout process and the cost of the pills also depends upon the quantity you choose to buy.

60 tablets of Ativan package might cost you 78$

90 tablets of Ativan package might cost you 95$

120 tablets of Ativan package might cost you 104$

Here, you might discover for yourself the authenticity and the originality when it comes to medication Ativan and also of high potential. Also, the pills have been prepared with perfection, passing all the necessary trials and tests for sale. We also make sure that we keep your order all the more safe and anonymous for your benefit.